Freedom of the Press

I like to frequent derelict spaces and areas littered with abandoned things. It was on one of these visits that I discovered deteriorating newspapers. Initially, I was drawn to their form, texture, line, shape, color and only later to their content. And while the paper, the pages themselves, were deteriorating, so were the words written on them. This, for me, references the decline of language and the written word in a texting and tweeting society, not to mention the decline of the newspaper industry itself. Another aspect of this subject fits in nicely with a recurring theme to my work, decay and return. Hence the title of the series, Freedom of the Press, which references the subject’s ‘freedom’ to return to its ‘original state of being.’ Simply put, all things, including ourselves, originate from the earth and return to the earth, completing and renewing the cycle of life and existence itself.

Jack Mader © 2017