Form and Substance

Form, and Substance

“I can show you form but I can only share substance.” —Bob Colbert

It’s easy to confuse Form for Substance, very much like a child tending to play with the box rather than its contents, ignores the gift inside.

You have seen this before, as you are it, caught in the middle of being it and not being it. It’s about Being in the Being, which is another way of saying being in the “moment”, but I feel that it’s more accurate to say: “Being in the Being.”

Anything is indeed everything. Any moment is every moment, connected to each other, to the frame, the content, the idea, the notion, the idea before the idea. That’s where it’s happening, just as much being here as being there.

Perhaps, at its simplest level, this body of work is best viewed as a visual thought progression where the content of one image becomes the rhythm for the next or any other.

Jack Mader © 2017